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​Tea Tree Oil Is an Effective Help for Skin Problems and Impurities

Posted by Hanna Savioja on
Teepuusaippua on tehokas apu iho-ongelmiin ja epäpuhtauksiin

Tea Tree oil is an essential oil that has many benefits for the skin. It is extracted from a small tree’s leaves called Malaleuca alternifolia. It grows naturally in Australia and Aboriginals have used it successfully for thousands of years in their traditional medicine. Tea Tree Oil can be used for a wide variety of different skin symptoms. Due to its antibacterial properties it is effective in the prevention of inflammations and is therefore an unbeatable active ingredient in the fight agains impurities and spots.

Which Are the Benefits of AC Detox Facial Soap Containing Tea Tree Oil?

    Tea tree oil can help soothe and relieve itchy and irritated skin (3). For its antibacterial properties tea tree oil is well suited for treatment of different inflammatory skin problems (4.) Several studies show that tea tree oil is of help with inflammatory acne and in restraining its intensity (4,5).
    Oily and greasy skin profits from tea tree oil for its balancing effects of sebum production. Many have received help for deep pimples under the skin from facial soap containing tea tree oil. Read customer experiences from here

    In addition to tea tree oil AC Detox facial soap includes active charcoal powder, which gently peels off the dead skin cell from the surface of the skin while absorbing slag and chemicals accumulated on the skin. The surface of the skin gets smoother and softer.

    Own experience: I myself suffer from hormonal spots each month and have been able to prevent them by using facial soap.

Does Soap not Dry the Skin?

The efficiency of a natural soap can be affected with chosen oils and superfatting (additional fat is so to speak added fat to a recipe which is not saponified in the saponification process).

In AC Detox Facial Soap the fats and oils have specifically been selected for the faces sensitive skin and half of the mass is sea salt. Sea salt is a natural moisturising humectant that binds moisture to the skin, which makes the soap more gentle decreasing the drying effect of the soap.

Tea tree oil can also be found in AC Detox series shampoo bars and soap bars (Original Soap) intended for the whole body. You can buy the soap bars separately or as a soap trio.

Twin Cleansing Suits Dry Skin

If you have very dry and easily irritated skin, you can always make an oil cleanser before washing with a facial soap. The gentleness of a twin cleanse is based on the fact that oil removes makeup and sucks up impurities from the skin, after which facial soap cleanses only the added oil and the impurities. This way the face will keep its natural moisture. It is worth a try!

 Instruction: rub oil (ca 1 teaspoon) firstly on your face with circular motions. You can even use several minutes for this. You will get all impurities on the move by steaming your face at this point. At the end wash the oil away with the facial soap. Finalise with a toner and a creame/oil.

My own favourites are cold pressed Finnish hemp oil, apricot kernel oil, thistle oil and act oil. Do not use pantry olive oil or rapeseed oil from the kitchen, they may clog the skin. For some these oils will however work without any problem. By testing you will find the best choice for your skin.

Make the Most of the Tea Tree Oil

For its antibacterial properties tea tree oil is very useful also in deodorants. Deodorants within natural cosmetics work topically on the skin surface. Sweat itself does not smell, the odours come from the surface of the skin when bacteria spend a small treat-Fiesta with sweat proteins. Tea tree oil therefore effectively prevents the resulting odour.

Tea tree oil is also an ideal hand cleaner. Studies have shown that it kills common bacteria and viruses that are responsible for causing diseases, including E. coli, S. Pneumonia and H. Influenza (1). In addition, a study that compared different hand washing types, shows that when adding tea tree oil the cleansers were more efficient against E.coli (2-lähde).

Ac Detox Original Soap includes tea tree oil and is suitable for repeated hand wash as well as shower soap for the whole body.

If you suffer from an itchy scalp, try a shampoo bar that contains tea tree oil.

NOTE! Tea tree oil is not endocrine disrupters  and can also be used by teenage girls and boys. ( A few years back a report was shared online that claimed lavender and tea tree oil would be possible

endocrine disrupters) You can read Robert Tisserand’s response here.


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