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The story of Kolme Cosmetics

I became interested in making natural cosmetics and traditional soap because I couldn't find what I wanted in the store and I wasn't even sure what all the different ingredients did to the skin. The endless quagmire of natural cosmetics certificates and understanding ingredient lists seemed to require massive research work or preferably a degree in chemistry.

Could this be made easier? What if all cosmetics ingredients were unmodified and whole natural ingredients? What if you could immediately tell from the product's label that it only contains safe ingredients? What if you could immediately recognize all the ingredients by name?

I started working at the age of 15 in a warehouse, studied graphic design and worked for a long time in the trade sector as a salesperson and later as a graphic designer. Before long, I started to lose interest in the advertising world because I couldn't always fully stand behind the advertised products. I think I even got fired from the last few jobs because my motivation was completely lost.

After the birth of my first child, the idea that I want to do work that is ethically and ecologically sustainable took on completely new dimensions. I would also like to show my children that even on such a concrete level, things can be implemented for the benefit of nature and our own well-being. Also realizing that not all food or cosmetics on the store shelf is automatically healthy for us made me think about things from a completely new angle.

I independently studied the preparation of simple, functional cosmetic recipes, combining them with traditional folk recipes. It's funny that one of the first products I developed is currently our bestseller, Whipped Face Cream+ Calendula Extract. I started moisturizing my own face with calendula face cream, and it also greased my baby's bum and smoothed diaper rash. 

The guideline for all products is to use as whole and unaltered raw materials as possible, cold-pressed oils, fats and waxes. The scents are 100% genuine essential oils, the dyes are herbs, clays and seeds. The products are also completely preservative-free and water-free. We do not use silicones, strong sulfates, hormone disruptors, synthetic fragrances or dyes, PEG compounds, fillers or substances unnecessary for skin care (e.g. emulsifiers) in any products.

Now, as a mother of two children and especially when taking care of a small child, it is wonderful to know that any unsuitable chemicals do not come into contact with their skin. The products were soon used by family, neighbors and friends, and the idea of owning a tox-free cosmetics brand began to brighten. A dream that seemed impossible finally started to feel possible. I still marvel that I get to do this job and share these wonderful products with the world. At first, I thought that the best part of the job would be that I could support my family with this, but I can say that the best feeling comes again and again when someone has actually received help for a skin problem or finally found a natural deodorant, cream or bar shampoo that works. This old advertising woman can finally sleep peacefully!

Thank you for letting me do my dream job!

Toxfree regards,
Hanna Savioja, founder of Kolme Cosmetics