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5 syytä, miksi juuri GRASS FED talivoide on niin hyvää ihollesi?

February 2024 Posted by Eeva Pauliina on

Miksi käytämme talivoiteissamme raaka-aineena ainoastaan kotimaista alusta loppuun saakka nurmiruokitun naudan talia ja miksi se on niin hyvää ihollesi? Lajityypillisesti laiduntavan (eli myös vapaasti liikkuvan), alusta loppuun saakka pelkästään nurmea syöneen naudan tali on parasta,...

Why should tallow cream be the core of your skin care routine?

January 2024 Posted by Eeva Pauliina on

We wanted to create Finland's first talikosmetik series, which would convey our appreciation for you, ourselves, animals and our environment. This required healthy soil, tons of grass, dozens of ruminants that graze in a typical...

Tips for treating atopic skin

August 2023 Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Atopic skin care requires three steps: cleansing-moisturizing and cream moisturizing. This three-step routine is also the same for normal skin, but when treating atopic skin, you should choose the products especially carefully, because atopic skin...

How to protect your skin from the sun without sunscreen? Use these 5 tips this summer!

May 2023 Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Have you ever thought about how to protect your skin from the sun naturally, but without thick white physical protection? Many of us need protection from the sun for our skin, but is it possible...

DIY make-up primer - Take care of your skin while you apply make-up

March 2023 Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Primer is a make-up priming cream that helps even out skin tone and increases the duration of make-up. At best, the primer also helps to reduce the shine of the skin and balances sebum production....