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Vinkit atooppisen ihon hoitoon

Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Atooppisen ihon hoito vaatii kolme vaihetta: puhdistus-kosteutus- ja rasvakosteutus. Tämä kolmivaiheinen rutiini on sama myös normaalille iholle, mutta atooppisen ihon hoidossa kannattaa tuotteet valita erityisen tarkkaan, koska atooppinen iho on usein paperinohut ja siltä puuttuu usein...

How to protect your skin from the sun without sunscreen? Use these 5 tips this summer!

Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Have you also thought about how to protect your skin from the sun naturally, but without thick white physical protection? Many of us need protection from the sun for our skin, but is it possible...

DIY make-up primer - Take care of your skin while you apply make-up

Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Primer is a make-up priming cream that helps even out skin tone and increases the duration of make-up. At best, the primer also helps to reduce the shine of the skin and balances sebum production....

Facial cleansing – 3 working skin care tips that many people don´t know about

Posted by Hanna Savioja on

The care and moisturizing of healthy facial skin starts with cleansing the skin. Clean skin is also more receptive to care products and you get the most out of them. Excessive cleansing, on the other...

How to distinguish between atopic dermatitis and TSW skin (i.e. addiction caused by cortisone cream treatment)?

Posted by Hanna-Kaisa Kalliomäki on

Hey!My name is Hanna-Kaisa and I'm writing here about my own experiences! I've been going through TSW for almost two years, shared my skin story several times on social media, and through it I've been...