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Tips for treating atopic skin

August 2023 Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Atopic skin care requires three steps: cleansing-moisturizing and cream moisturizing. This three-step routine is also the same for normal skin, but when treating atopic skin, you should choose the products especially carefully, because atopic skin...

How to distinguish between atopic dermatitis and TSW skin (i.e. addiction caused by cortisone cream treatment)?

January 2023 Posted by Hanna-Kaisa Kalliomäki on

Hey!My name is Hanna-Kaisa and I'm writing here about my own experiences! I've been going through TSW for almost two years, shared my skin story several times on social media, and through it I've been...

TSW ihon oireiden helpottaminen ja Sallan tarina

November 2022 Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Kirjoitan tätä blogitekstiä luonnonkosmetiikkavalmistajan näkökulmasta. Yrittäjäksi lähdettyäni kuvittelin, että suurin onnistumisen hetki tulisi siitä kun pystyn tuomaan leipää pöytään omalle perheelle ja saan työstä rahaa. Olin väärässä. Onnistumisen tunne ja työn merkityksellisyys nousivatkin siitä kun...

​The Best Face Cream Is Born Out of the New Harvest of Calendula!

October 2019 Posted by Hanna Savioja on

Picture: On the left calendula from our own utility garden and on the right purchased calendulathe Best Face Cream Is Born Out of the New Harvest of Calendula! There Are Differences in Ingredients and They...

3 Reasons to use Calendula in Skin Care

January 2019 Posted by Hanna Savioja on

KUVA It is always wonderful to start dreaming of the summer and flowers. The bright yellow and orange glooming herbal calendula flower is a familiar flower from utility gardens and is even used in cooking...