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Tips for treating atopic skin

Posted by Hanna Savioja on
Vinkit atooppisen ihon hoitoon

Atopic skin care requires three steps: cleansing-moisturizing and cream moisturizing. This three-step routine is also the same for normal skin, but when treating atopic skin, you should choose the products especially carefully, because atopic skin is often paper thin and often lacks a protective moisture barrier. In this case, the skin lets more substances through, both useful and harmful.

Choose products that:

  • Do not contain ingredients that harm the microbial activity of the skin (e.g. preservatives or hormone disruptors). This is why waterless creams are the best for treating inflamed skin.
  • Are as unaltered and pure as possible. Raw materials, oils, waxes and plants can be produced in many different ways.
  • Are fragrance-free and the list of ingredients is short.

Atooppisen ihon hoitoon kannattaa käyttää hajusteettomia tuotteita

Instructions for cleaning and moisturizing atopic facial skin 

Cleansing of atopic skin
Even though atopic skin is often really dry, it is important to clean it - it is good to wash away dirt, dust, pollen and bacteria from the skin. Sensitive face soap containing sea salt is excellent for cleaning sensitive skin. (Salt treatments have been used for ages in the treatment of eczema and atopic skin due to its cleansing and moisturizing effect). If your skin is very sensitive to water, it's a good idea to first use Calendula & Oat Nurturing Oil to remove impurities, so that the skin is less stressed. This kind of double cleansing with oil and facial soap is also excellent for removing make-up from atopic skin.
Atooppisen ihon puhdistus kannattaa tehdä öljyn ja miedon kasvosaippuan avulla

Moisturization of atopic skin
After cleansing, facial water is sprayed on the face to moisturize. Choose the soothing, redness-relieving, moisturizing Rose Floral Water organic rose water or the probiotic Flow Cosmetics Probiotic Organic Chamomile Water that supports the benign bacterial strain as facial water for atopic skin.
Flow Cosmetics Ruusuvesi kosteuttaa atooppista ihoa
Tip: Immediately after cleansing, spray the facial toner on warm and moist skin, so that the skin is receptive to the treating ingredients.

Atopic skin needs fatty moisture
Atopic skin often completely lacks its own "protective mantle" and therefore needs to be given plenty of fatty moisture. A few drops of Vitamin Oil Serum Raw Calendula give the skin vitamins and nutrients that dry skin desperately needs. After the face oil, you should apply a gentle, protective and nourishing face cream Whipped Face Cream + Calendula extract. This super-moisturizing Calendula cream gives atopic skin the fatty moisture it needs without preservatives or anything extra. Calendula cares for the skin in a wide range of ways and it is indeed an ancient herb for the treatment of wounds and broken skin.

The flowers of our calendula-based skin care products grow in our own garden without industrial fertilizers or pesticides.
Kehäkukkavoiteen kukat kasvavat omassa puutarhassa ilman torjunta-aineita
Hanna Savioja kasvattaa Kolme Cosmeticsin kehäkukat omassa puutarhassa
Kehäkukkakosmetiikka atooppiselle ihottumalle
Whipped Face Cream, Vitamin Oil Serum, Nurturing Oil Calendula and Baby Balm

Tip: If the skin is badly irritated, apply two layers of the cream so that the skin is properly shiny by the time you go to bed. You can protect the pillow with a soft natural fiber fabric/towel.

What to consider in winter?
Winter, cold weather and frost bring special challenges to the treatment of atopic skin. The air is drier and the skin loses moisture even more efficiently. In this case, reduce skin cleansing with facial soap and prefer cleansing with oil. Here you can read a previous blog post about the benefits of oil cleansing.

Tip: Only cleanse your skin thoroughly at night. In the mornings, simply wiping with face water is often enough.


Atopic dermatitis on the body: body care products for atopic skin

Atopic skin on the body needs a nourishing and easily absorbed oil that deeply moisturizes the skin. For example, Nurturing Oil Calendula & Oats
is quickly absorbed and effectively moisturizes the skin. It contains only two oils: cold-pressed thistle oil and oat oil and calendula. You should get this oil for your own cosmetics cabinet, because it is so versatile (suitable for makeup removal, bath, mixed with creams, cuticles, ends of hair, etc.)
Luonnolliset palasaippuat eivät kuivata ja sopivat atooppisen ihon hoitoon

When washing atopic skin, it is important to choose gentle and mild detergents. Original Soap Bars naturally contain glycerin and they wash the skin clean without drying the skin. Also pay attention to washing your hair, because a shampoo containing strong sulfates running down the back dries and strains the skin for no reason. Choose a natural bar shampoo that is also gentler on the skin.  
Here is a picture of the effect of just changing the washing product. Both pictures were taken in the same situation: an hour after showering before applying the base oil. The customer has been using Tea Tree Oil Activated Charcoal Original Soap for three weeks.
Tip: If your skin is in very bad condition and you need help with itching and cracked skin, use a piece of zinc cream. Magic Zinc Lotion Bar helps quickly soothe burning and irritated skin. Also suitable for children aged 0-3 years. This piece of ointment has helped many small babies to sleep more peacefully at night.

Natural treatment of children's atopic skin

Atopic dermatitis and various allergic reactions have also increased considerably in small children and even babies. There is often a deeper reason behind many skin problems and symptoms than just the wrong cream. Ointments often do not eliminate the root cause of the problem, but it is possible to ease the symptoms and the child's condition. Here are the specific products for problem areas:

  • Irritated and itchy skin
    Lotion bar Magic Zinc for irritated and itchy skin areas. Lotion bar Magic Zink soothes and cools irritated skin. It reduces skin redness and forms a protective layer on the skin. The lotion bar is rubbed between warm hands until the lotion comes off. The cream is best spread and absorbed on warm skin after bathing. Helps with itchy skin and thus helps the child fall asleep more easily at night.
  • Rashes and broken skin
    The skin caring, moisturizing and softening Baby Balm Calendula+Oat is suitable locally for dry skin areas and for the treatment of damaged skin. Thanks to calendula, oat oil and beeswax, the balm is suitable for calloused and irritated skin areas. Baby Balm Calendula + Oat is an easy-to-spread, completely water-free and preservative-free powerful cream for everyday use.


I hope these instructions are helpful to you. Comment if you have other tricks to ease the symptoms of atopic skin!

Also read here how to recognize atopic dermatitis from medicated fat addiction caused by cortisone creams (Topical steroid withdrawal):

Miten erottaa atooppinen ihottuma ja TSW iho (eli kortisonivoidehoidon aiheuttama addiktio)?


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