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Why should tallow cream be the core of your skin care routine?

Posted by Eeva Pauliina on
Talivoide- Miksi sen pitäisi olla sinun ihonhoitorutiiniesi ydin?

We wanted to create Finland's first talikosmetik series, which would convey our appreciation for you, ourselves, animals and our environment.

This required healthy soil, tons of grass, dozens of ruminants that graze in a typical species, plenty of sun, agricultural entrepreneurs who do their work with heart and us, the passionate chefs of tallow cosmetics - tallow heads Eeva and Hanna.


Why would you use beef tallow in your skin cream?

Simply because the winter cream perfectly fulfills all the needs of your skin.

Beef tallow has been used in many cultures as a basic raw material in skin creams and soaps hundreds of years ago, i.e. long before any commercial cosmetic line even existed.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks noticed tallow's great skin-care and aging-fading properties and made many kinds of skin care products from it.

In the Middle Ages, people used tallow as a raw material for soaps and skin creams to protect and care for their skin and to heal their skin problems. In other words, tallow has been a universal fat for all skin care.

Among the Native Americans it was used e.g. to repel insects, for burns and sunburns, to protect the skin and to heal skin bruises and wounds.  

This ancient luxury of nature is now increasing its popularity among the people of the modern world as well, as many are looking for cleaner and more ecological alternatives to commonly sold skin care products that are often saturated with chemicals, plastic compounds, dyes and preservatives.

The skin is our largest organ, so it really matters what we absorb through our skin!

What is tallow?

Tallow is beef fat, which is prepared as a cosmetic raw material by slowly heating it at a low temperature. In this way, it is melted into a liquid oil and separated from the rest of the tissue. After heating, the tallow can be cleaned using the water-salt technique, during which any impurities and odors are removed from the fat. After the mixture has cooled, it is carefully strained and when it hardens, this creamy solid can be used as the main raw material for nutritious, softening, caring and moisturizing cosmetics.

 Talivoide valmistetaan ruohoa syöneen eläimen rasvasta.

Why is tallow good for human skin?

It is important to understand that any kind of beef tallow should not be used when making cosmetics. We specifically use "grass fed" tallow, i.e. the fat of animals fed on grass.

The tallow of cattle that typically graze (i.e. also move freely) and have only eaten grass from beginning to end is the best thing to use in skin care. The tallow of cattle that has lived this way has an optimal fatty acid profile and pH with the sebum of our own skin.

Grass-fed beef tallow contains plenty of skin-friendly fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, D, K, E and B12, as well as skin-friendly fatty acids, such as alpha-linolenic, linolenic, palmitic and stearic acids. It is good to be aware that the synthetic and chemically produced corresponding vitamins and fatty acids, which are often added to commercial skin creams, never rise to the same level of quality and absorption as the vitamins and fatty acids naturally in bioactive form in tallow and tallow cream. We will tell you more about the skin care properties of these compounds in the next blog post.

 Talivoiteiden raaka-aine on ylijäämätuote suomalaiselta luomutilalta.

Where does the tallow we use come from?

Kolme Cosmetics' tallow creams use tallow from Highlander cattle fed from start to finish on grass in the traditional landscapes of Jämsä and grazing typical of the species, which comes from an organically certified family farm in Karisalmi. Livestock are not raised just for tallow, but tallow is always a by-product, often a surplus product that would otherwise go to waste.

In the old days, this top raw material was used, but nowadays the owners even have to pay for it to be taken away. Beef tallow grown in this way is in every way the most ecological, clean and ethical alternative for cosmetic use. In a later blog post, we will explain why it is especially important to choose tallow from grass-fed and species-typical beef instead of intensively produced.


The search for testers will start soon!

In January, you have the opportunity to join the tester group of our winter creams, so follow Kolme Cosmetics on Instagram and TikTok and subscribe to the newsletter in your email.


We are looking forward to you also being able to try this pure luxury directly from Finnish nature!


<3 Hanna and Eeva / Kolme Cosmetics

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  • Riitta-Liisa on

    Myyttekö tuotetta jälleenmyyntiin terveyskauppaan.Olen kiinnostunut Raumalta.

  • Hanna Savioja on

    Heippa! vastaan tässä useammalle kommentoijalle samassa viestissä :)

    Talivoiteita on tulossa nyut ensimmäisessä lamseerauksessa kolme erilaista. Koostumukset ovat hieman erilaisia ja mukana on mm. jojobaa, kauraöljyä ja MCT-öljyä. Tuoksuvaihtoehtojakin tulee ja myös tuoksuton ihanuus. Helmikuussa saadaan nämä myyntiin! Ennakkomyynti alkamassa pian. Kerromme uutiskirjeessä kampanjoista aina ensimmäisenä. Eli se kannattaa nyt viimeistään tilata! T: Hanna :)

  • Liisa on

    Kuulostaa hyvältä! Onko voiteessa jotain muutakin öljyä?

  • Katri on

    Harmi kun en ehtinyt tuotetestaajaksi. Paha atooppinen ihottuma ollut koko elämäni ja en halua enää käyttää vahvoja voiteita. Syksyllä löysin sattumalta lääkärikirjan vuodelta 1957 ja mielenkiinnosta etsin olisiko siellä jotain olihan siellä että talia (tai iisteri tms) rauhoittaa ärtynyttä, kutisevaa ihoa. Aika hauska juttu!

  • Aniliini on

    Pystyykö tässä vaiheessa avaamaan mitä muita aineita tuotteissa on? Eteerisiä öljyjä/muita herkistäviä ainesosia?

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