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Tree tips for treating rosacea and one forgotten natural ingredient

Posted by Hanna Savioja on
Kolme vinkkiä ruusufinnin hoitoon ja yksi unohdettu luonnonaines

Rosacea can be very challenging in terms of skin care. The skin prone to rosacea is at the same time sensitive, dry and still collects impurities easily. The skin should be able to be cleaned regularly, however, without straining and drying it. Here are three easy tips for treating rosacea.

1. Do not rub rosacea skin or overtreat with many products

The skin breaking out in rosacea is easily irritated and therefore mechanical stress should be avoided. Products that exfoliate or cleanse the skin strongly should be left on the store shelf and choose gentle and mild ones. The fewer products you can use to clean and moisturize your skin, the better.

2. Choose a simple & functional cleaner

Cleaning and washing products containing strong industrial surfactants should be avoided. They might just make your skin worse. There are many differences in cleansing milks, face soaps, cleansing bars and gels. Cleansing milk may be more drying than face soap - It all depends on the ingredients of the product itself and their amounts. Choose a product with a simple inci and as few ingredients as possible that are unnecessary for skin care (e.g. synthetic perfumes "parfym/fragrance", fillers or silicones).

Sensitive and Calendula & Citrus face soaps are simple skin cleansers without preservatives, fillers or synthetic fragrances. They don't leave anything extra on your skin and clean the skin naturally with the help of minerals. The facial soaps are composed of skin-friendly oils and fats, and up to half of the mass is sea salt, which eliminates bacteria from the skin's surface and balances the skin's function.

3. Moisturize without silicones or harmful alcohols

After cleansing, use face water and face cream. There are actually two types of alcohols used in face washes. Alcohol denat (denatured) is generally drying, irritating and in high concentrations harmful to the skin, while fatty alcohols such as cetyl, stearyl and cetearyl alcohol are beneficial – they are nourishing and non-irritating to the skin. Also avoid ingredients ending in cone, conol or xane - they are silicones that have nothing to do with skin 'treatment'. They only make the product feel deceptively comfortable and slippery to apply, but do nothing for the skin. For rosacea skin, a silicone film can even be harmful.

The best face wash for rosacea. The main raw material of Flow Cosmetics Rose Floral Water is organic rose water, which is an excellent floral water especially for rosacea skin. Rose water cleans, soothes and cares for reddened skin. Rose Floral Water moisturizes and soothes your skin after cleansing and helps the facial cream to absorb better.


Calendula for rosacea skin. Calendula has been used throughout history in the treatment of various skin imbalances and inflammations. The salicylic acid it contains cleans the skin and prevents inflammation. Vitamin Oil Serum Raw Calendula contains plenty of organically cultivated calendula, from which an antioxidant extract has been made into the serum. The vitamin serum is also rich in rosehip seed oil, which is commonly recommended in the treatment of rosacea skin. It is a highly effective moisturizing and quickly absorbing oil-based serum, which is often sufficient as a moisturizer on its own. If your skin is very dry, you should also apply our cult moisturizer Whipped Face Cream + Calendula Extract.

A forgotten natural product for clearing rosacea

Naturally occurring Epsom salt is a very safe raw material that is widely used in skin care, as bath salt and even internally as detox treatments. It also naturally contains sulfur, which has a special anti-inflammatory effect. Sulfur treatments are commonly used for acne and rosacea. Here you can read more about the benefits of sulfur in the treatment of rosacea.

Try an Epsom salt mask

  • Dissolve 1 teaspoon of epsom salt in a deciliter of warm water
  • Apply the mixture to cleansed skin by dabbing with a sponge or fingertips
  • Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water
  • Use face water and face cream as normal after the treatment

Epsom salt minerals remove impurities and effectively reduce inflammation. It is also an excellent exfoliant for rosacea skin, where abrasive, mechanical stress is not recommended. In addition to being natural, this wonder ingredient won't put a strain on your wallet.


Grab the natural cosmetics products for rosacea treatment here:

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