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3 Reasons to use Calendula in Skin Care

Posted by Hanna Savioja on
Kolme Cosmeticsin perustaja Hanna Savioja kasvattaa kehäkukkavoiteen kukat omassa hyötypuutarhassa.


It is always wonderful to start dreaming of the summer and flowers. The bright yellow and orange glooming herbal calendula flower is a familiar flower from utility gardens and is even used in cooking as a “poor man’s saffron”. The Herbal Calendula has also been an important basic medicinal plant in traditional medicine in many cultures, because of its antiseptic and skin repairing properties. The original name “Marigold” comes from Virgin Mary, when it became an integral part of the English prescription medicine used in the fight against the plague in the 15th century.

3 Benefits of using Calendula

  1. Antiseptic Properties

Calendula has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties, for which reason it has been used already in the Middle Ages i.a. as a wound ointment mixed with tallow. It has been used throughout history for treatment of eczema and small ulcers. In addition its anti-inflammatory properties, calendula-based products are also very popular in the treatment of acne and atopic skin.

2. Skin Protecting Properties

Calendula is rich in antioxidants, which help remove free radicals from the skin that can cause premature ageing. It also contains a lot of tocopherols, i.e. vitamin E, which has wonderful skin softening properties. In addition some preliminary studies indicate that linoleum acids in calendula oil may help with sun-induced skin from ageing.

3. Anti-aging Effects

Calendula, as can be deducted from the colour, is rich in carotenoids that help the skin look younger. Carotenoids are also naturally present on the outer surface of the skin, protecting and giving the skin a healthy beautiful glow. Studies show that calendula extract could stimulate collagen production, which is important for the natural regeneration of the skin, so for those who want to brighten their complexion and get back the skin’s youthful glow, the use of calendula based creams may be very helpful.

The Making of Kolme Cosmetics Calendula Cream

In the Kolme Cosmetics utility garden Calendula Orange King is sown each year, which is a particularly herbaceous variety. The seeds are collected in the autumn, and sown again at the beginning of the next growing season. Below a picture from last summer’s garden plantation. Wish it was summer already!



After harvest the flowers are dried and immersed in almond oil, where the extract gradually turns glowing golden yellow as the lovely natural active ingredients, carotenoids, essential oils and vitamins are extracted into the oil. The Calendula extract is whipped into unrefined shea butter and grape seed oil, resulting in a soft moisturising and skin-smoothing Calendula Cream for the face. Grape seed oil is known in skin care as a so-called “light oil” and makes the cream easily absorbed and reduces the oiliness of the cream.

Finally Kolme Cosmetics Face Cream is canned in a brown pharmacy glass jar and wrapped in unbleached tissue paper. The product wrapper acts as a seal for the fresh product and also replaces the need for packing materials in shipments. The cream does not contain preservatives or added fragrances and lasts long after opening as long as you take care of good hand hygiene and always take the cream with dry hands. Calendula cream works great together with mineral-containing facial soap. Try it and you’ll see and order it from the online store!/web shop




Are there any Risks in using Calendula?

Calendula is generally a safe and well tolerated herb, but it should be avoided if you are allergic to Aster or Mycorrhizal plants. Our Calendula Cream can safely be used by children and when pregnant. Do you have any questions regarding Kolme Cosmetics Calendula Cream or would you like to leave a comment on your user experience? I greatly value all kinds of feedback. I am also happy to answer other questions related to skin care and I will give you tips for setting up your own flower garden. Please leave a comment.

Toxfree regards, Hanna


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  • Hanna/Kolme Cosmetics on

    Hei Marika! Kyllä, ehdottomasti lukee. Tässä kehäkukkavoiteessakin kehäkukkauutos on merkitty erikseen kehäkukka ja manteliöljy.

  • Marika on

    Jos muissa tuotteissa valmistusvaiheessa käytetty esim mantelia, niin lukeeko se incissä? Huomasin tässä kehäkukka valmistuksessa että upotetaan manteliöljyyn…

  • Hanna, Kolmecosmetics on

    Kiitos ihanasta kommentista Janni! Mahtavaa kuulla, että voiteesta on ollut käytännön apua! Tähän olisi voinut tosiaan laittaa otsikoksi “Kehäkukan 20 hyötyä”, mutta yksinkertainen on kaunista :)

  • Tarja on

    Meillä on kaksi teini-ikäistä, jotka ovat reilun vuoden verran käyttänyt kehäkukkavoidetta. Voide auttaa selvästi pitämään teini-iän näppylöitä aisoissa. Molemmilla on kuiva iho ja tämä on ensimmäinen voide, jolla iho pysyy hyvänä myös talvella.

  • Janni on

    Vau mikä powerflower! Ei tosin yllätä, sillä tuote on kyllä tehnyt tehtävänsä: kuivien poskien näpyt ovat vähentyneet huimasti tuotteen käytön aloittamisen jälkeen. Tykkäään!
    Haavanhoidossa hunaja on tuttu tuote, nopeuttaen haavan paranemista, mutta enpäs tiennyt kehäkukalla olevan samanlaisia ominaisuuksia.
    Mahtava tää blogi-idea! Kiva lukea siitä, kuinka tuotteita, joita käyttää päivittäin, valmistetaan ja mitä niissä on käytetty. Lisää näitä!:)

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