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​How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus? Here is a Boring but Outstanding Way

Posted by Hanna Savioja on
Miten suojautua koronavirustartunnalta? Tässä tylsä, mutta ylivoimainen keino.

The coronavirus has landed also in Finland and now you should at least check your daily hygiene routines in order to fight the virus. I visited the pharmacy this morning and they had run out on hand sanitiser. More people came through the door asking the same question “do you have hand sanitiser?”

More Efficient and Natural than Hand Sanitiser?

Even more efficient than hand sanitiser is a traditional hand wash with soap. Even the THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) recommends a traditional hand wash with soap to ight the respiratory infections. Washing with soap is by far the most efficient way,especially when there is visible dirt, grease or food on the hands. The efficiency of hand sanitiser can be reduced significantly if there is grease or dirt on the hands. Traditional hand washing with soap is based on the mechanical ability of the bubbles to remove dirt. The molecules in soap contain a brilliant structure, where one end absorbs fat and the other end water. As a result bacteria, viruses and dirt come off the skin and is washed away from the skins surface. It has even been written that soap can break the fat sell of a virus and destroy it.

Hand washing works best because a person usually takes the virus into their own body by picking their nose, rubbing their eyes or putting their fingers in their mouth.

The Studied Effects of Soap

According to THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) during 2008-2017 in their STOPFLUNSSA-project it was studied, wether recommendations for an improved hand hygiene and behavioural guidelines aimed at making the spread of infections more difficult can reduce acute respiratory and gastrointestinal infections and  absence form work among adults working in an office environment.

The result speaks for itself: yes you can. “Out of the three research groups (hand sanitiser, washing with water and washing with soap water) the group that washed their hands with water and soap according to the instructions had the lowers sickness absence. It very effectively prevents infections” (free translation from Finnish) says says Head of Expert Microbioogy, Carita Savolainen-Kopra.

Choose a Soap Bar that is Effective without Drying

During the coronavirus outbreak and while avoiding the virus the amount of times hands are washed will accumulate to very many each day, for this reason the skin may be under pressure due to much washing. Especially children, people with atopic or sensitive skin should choose their hand washing soap carefully. Original soap bars by Kolme Cosmetics are produced with a cold processed method by chosen oils which are mainly domestic Finnish organic and even suitable as food. Unlike cleansers containing SLS or other synthetic surfactants, a natural soap bar is a much more gentle alternative for repeated washing. When your skin is well and moisturised it also resists external stress and infections better.

Original Soap Bars


Picture: Sensitive Soap Bar suits the whole family. Fragrance free, containing domestic Finnish oat and honey.

With Original Soaps you avoid unnecessary chemicals and dry skin. The soap bars do not contain synthetic fragrances nor colourants, and they do not contain preservatives nor other additional chemicals. The foam is creamy and moisturising as well as compact and therefore effectively removes germs.

Picture: Active Charcoal Soap Bar an additional cleansing effect from charcoal and tee tree oil.

All Products are Made at our Small Workshop in Sipoo, Finland Away from the Hustle and Bustle of the City.

Our products are in a small warehouse and all online store shipments are packed by one single person. You can order the soap bars conveniently from our online store. The delivery time is fast 2-3 days within Finland.

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