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DIY make-up primer - Take care of your skin while you apply make-up

Posted by Hanna Savioja on
DIY meikinpohjustusvoide- Hoida ihoa samalla kun meikkaat

Primer is a make-up priming cream that helps even out skin tone and increases the duration of make-up. At best, the primer also helps to reduce the shine of the skin and balances sebum production. Make-up primer also makes it easier to apply make-up on the skin. 

Why should you make your own primer or make-up priming cream? 

  • There is nothing extra in this recipe and it takes care of your skin.
  • This combines skin-moisturizing and caring Calendula cream and beta-glucan-containing oat silk - nothing more.
  • You save money and you can use the ingredients for other purposes as well.
  • Dry, irritated or easily clogged skin especially benefits from this self-made primer.
  • Always fresh when you mix them right before applying.
  • You don't produce excessive plastic waste.

What do you need to make a primer?

You need Oat Silk and Face Cream. We recommend our bestseller for this: Whipped Face Cream + Calendula Extract, because it smooths the surface of the skin and helps create a perfect makeup base. Calendula Face cream is suitable for all skin types and does not contain strong chemicals or preservatives. Read customer reviews here!

Why is oat silk the perfect raw material for a primer?

  • Thanks to its natural lipids, it mixes perfectly with various creams, mineral makeup and fats.
  • The beta-glucans contained in oats act as prebiotics on the skin, i.e. food for the skin's natural bacteria. The bacterial population of the skin is healthy and balanced thanks to beta-glucan.
  • Oats' unique combination of vegetable and fatty acids caress even the most sensitive skin and protects the skin from drying out.
  • Antioxidant properties help soothe irritated skin.

This is how you make your own natural make-up priming cream or primer:

  1. Take a dollop of facial cream in the palm of your hand.
  2. Dip a powder brush/kabuki suti into oat silk. You can also do this whole process with your fingers.
  3. Mix and work the cream and oat silk together with the palm of your hand and apply to the face with light movements. By experimenting, you will find a suitable composition. Go through the eye area in particular if you use eye shadow.
  4. Apply makeup normally or leave as is for a natural base.

Tee itse luonnollinen meikinpohjustusvoide eli primeri

Other uses for  Oat Silk:

Finishing powder
Oat silk is also suitable as it is for finishing make-up. Use like normal loose powder.

For facial cleansing
Dispense 1 teaspoon of oat silk and mix in a little water. Use it like cleansing milk. You can mix in floral water. You can also buy a ready-made cleansing powder here, which includes kaolin clay that gently exfoliates the skin and a soothing mixture of essential oils.

As an ingredient in creams
Gives the cream texture and increases the cream's caring properties.

A natural substitute for talc
Oat silk is perfect for small babies in the diaper area instead of talc. 

As an ingredient in a face mask
Make a moisturizing and soothing mask from the powder. Add floral water or for example yogurt and honey.

For bath water or foot bath 
Add oat silk to warm water. Colloidal oats help make the water less drying for the skin and it melts into the water for a milky conditioning bath.

For scalp treatment
Try it for itchy scalp.

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