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Whipped Face Cream + Calendula Extract 10ml


Sample size.

Kolme Cosmetics Whipped Face Cream + Calendula Extract is a super moisturizing and smoothing cream. The texture is soft mousse-like and the face cream leaves the skin soft and nourished. Calendula balances and calms the functioning of oily, combination and dry skin. Calendula face cream is excellent for treating atopic and dry skin and provides protection for reactive skin, especially in cold weather.

  • Fragrance free
  • Preservative free
  • A balancing cream and therefore suitable for many skin types. Combination, acne and oily, dry and normal skin.
  • Soothes sensitive and irritated skin
  • Brings resilience and elasticity
  • It works both as a night cream and as a day cream under make-up.
  • The calendulas in the extract are grown without pesticides in your own garden
  • Waterless
  • Fresh cosmetics and therefore lasts for about 3 months after opening

Kolme Cosmetics Whipped Face Cream is rich and thick but is quickly absorbed into the skin giving a soft feeling. Authentic Finnish natural cosmetics. The base is unrefined organic shea butter, which has been whipped into a cream that is easily absorbed by the skin with herbal calendula extract.

More information

This soft Calendula Face Cream is really plentiful, completely waterless and therefore especially suitable for cold weather, providing protection even in low temperatures. You only need a small amount of it to give super moisturising effect on your skin. Although the cream is thick, it is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves the skin silky. Works as both a night cream and a day cream under makeup.

Calendula flowers are grown in Kolme Cosmetics' own herb garden and are extracted in small batches to ensure freshness.

Calendula has been an important herb in folk medicine since the Middle Ages due to its skin-healing properties. It is rich in antioxidants, saponins (glycosides of oleic acid), carotenoids, salicylic acid and natural essential oil. Read the blog 3 reasons to use calendula in skin care and how we make calendula extract from a new crop of flowers here.


Note! Store below 25 degrees.
In the summer heat, the texture of the cream may change, but the product is still usable. We recommend storing the product in the refrigerator if the room temperature gets hot.

The product has a shelf life of 3 months after opening, but it stays good for well over a year if you handle it with clean and dry hands.


Ingredients: Shea butter (unrefined, organic), Grape seed oil, Almond oil, Marigold (from own useful garden), Tocopherol (vitamin E)

INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Vitis Vinifera Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, Calendula Officinalis, Tocopherol

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
R. Kolunen
Vatkattu Kasvovoide + Kehäkukkauute testeri

Tuotteen koostumus on ihanan kuohkea, mutta tuoksu levitettäessä ei oikein miellyttänyt, haihtuu kyllä nopeasti pois. Testirasiassa ei lukenut mitään, joten voi hyvin käyttää uudelleen, siitä plussaa :)

Vatkatuu Kasvovoide+Kehäkukkauute

Jo pieni kokeilupurkki sai aikaan ihossani parannusta, epäpuhtaudet alkoivat vähentyä, iho kirkastui ja pehmeni. Käytin tätä voidetta iltaisin yövoiteena.

Vatkattu Kasvovoide + kehäkukkauute

Vaikuttaa hyvin ravitsevalta, koostumus tosi täyteläinen, kermainen ja hoitava. Omalle iholle ehkä tähän syysaikaan liian "paksu" mutta talven iholle jotenkin tuntuma että on oikein loistava. Menee hankintaan.

Tuija Räisänen
Ikääntynyt ja atooppinen iho kiittää

Tuoksuttomuus ja ainesosien vähyys hyväksi. Hyvä tuote, ostin jo lisää.

Soile Mertens
Vatkattu kasvovoide

Huipputuote! Tätä on saatava aina lisää :)