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Sample- Toxfree Deodorant Cream + Grapefruit 10ml


The raw materials for Toxfree Deodorant Cream are mostly Finnish and all the beauty is now available in a larger aluminum package made from recycled material! Handmade in Finland.

  • Fresh and citrus grapefruit scent
  • Effective unisex deodorant
  • No aluminum or preservatives

Kolme Cosmetics Deodorant Cream is a natural and effective aluminum-free deodorant cream without synthetic fragrances, preservatives or skin-clogging ingredients. The fresh, citrusy scent comes from the essential oils of grapefruit and bergamont and the cream is suitable for both men and women. The product is completely preservative-free and anhydrous. The deodorant neutralizes bacteria and helps the armpits stay dry and odorless, while still allowing the skin to breathe naturally. 95% of the raw materials are GRAS-listed substances (food grade). Authentic Finnish natural cosmetics.

Finnish organic potato flour transfers moisture away from the skin and helps the caraway stays dry.

Finniss beeswax gives the cream a pleasant structure and keeps the composition of the cream stable at different temperatures.

Directions: Take a small pinch with your fingers and rub it into your armpits. A small amount of cream is enough.

Contents 10ml

After opening, the product will keep for at least 6 months (you can extend the service life by always taking the product with clean and dry hands).

Ingredients: Baking soda (Finnish & food grade), Cold pressed organic coconut oil, Organic potato flour (Finnish & food grade), Rapeseed oil (Finnish & food grade), Beeswax (organic & Finnish), Grapefruit and Bergamont essential oils

Customer Reviews

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Deodoranttivoide testauksessa

Tämä on toinen deodorantti testauksessa ja vaikuttaa yhtä hyvältä kuin ensimmäinenkin. Tässä ei ole juurikaan tuoksua, joten sopinee hyvin kaikille. Levittyy hyvin eikä jätä tahmaiseksi.