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Soap Triplet, Sensitive



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Triangular- shampoo bar

Circular- facial soap

Rectangle- soap for body & hands

The Sensitive series contains native oats, honey and very mild detergent ingredients to prevent skin irritation and dryness during washing. Oats soften the skin and relieve irritation and redness. The oatmeal's soothing properties make the Sensitive trio very suitable for extremely dry, irritated or itchy skin. Also suitable for sensitive and atopic skin. Fragrance-free.

The raw materials are mainly GRAS labeled, ie food grade. All products are handmade in Finland. You can read more about the series soap bar here: 

Toxfree Shampoo Bar -Sensitive Natural, fragrance-free shampoo for dry and irritated scalp.

Toxfree Face Salt Bar-Sensitive
Unscented and mild facial soap for sensitive and dry skin.

Toxfree Original Soap-Sensitive Unscented and extra mild bar of soap for hands& body. Suitable for kids too.