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Original Bar Soap, Sensitive


Creamy foam and mildly cleansing soap for sensitive skinSuitable for the whole family. Toxfree Original Bar Soap, Sensitive for hands & body. Weight approx.80g

  • Fragrant free soap for sensitive and atopic skin
  • Sensitive to the skin, thanks to oat milk and honey
  • All products are handmade in Finland.
Original bar soap is a gentle washing soap for hands and body. It has a very sophisticated and creamy foam. You can wash your hands many times a day without any drying effect. Thanks to its fine foam, Original Bar Soap is also great for shaving. The soap is antibacterial by nature.

Original Bar Soap is true zero waste product and a salute for traditional soap making and nordic raw materials. The main raw materials are organic tallow from Finnish highland cattle and Finnish rapeseed oil. The tallow has been produced according to the principles of the circular economy. Read more about its ecological principles here.

Oat milk and honey brings very mildly and gently cleansing properties to this soap bar. Oat milk softens the skin and relieve irritation and redness. Due to the soothing properties of oats, the soap is well suited for very dry, irritated or itchy skin.

Tallow contains many useful antioxidants and vitamins for the skin such as A, D and K. Organic tallow is the most gentle fat that can be used in soap making. The tallow has been utilized in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

Original bar soap lasts much longer when you store it in a place where it can dry out between uses (eg soap tray, soap dish, etc.)
IIngredients: Ingredients: Sodium Tallowate, Aqua, Sodium Rapeseedate, Sodium Cocoate, Sucrose, Avena Sativa Kernel Meal, Me