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Travel Soap Case



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Kolme Cosmetics Travel Soap Case is a handy way to travel and keep your bar of soap neat and tidy. Thanks to the technical fabric, the soap dries inside the case without letting water or soap through. Moisture passes through microscopic small holes as steam but not as liquid (when the molecules are larger).

  • The case fits in a small space
  • The bar of soap does not go soft and and thus lasts longer
  • The loop allows you to hang the Soap Case to dry even on a bathroom nail
  • Made in Finland by hand by Väylä ry

Kolme Cosmetics Soap Case is 100% Finnish design and craftsmanship. The soap case is sewn with Väylä ry.

Väylä ry is a non-profit organization whose goal is that in the future, every person with a developmental disability will receive a reasonable salary for the work they do.

What is wrong with the employment situation for people with developmental disabilities?
There are 25,000 people with developmental disabilities of working age in Finland, thousands of whom work unpaid every day. Only 2-3% of them are in paid employment.

You can read more about Väylä ry's activities here

Material: polyester + PU + cotton