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Face Salt Bar Sensitive, dry & sensitive skin



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Natural, mild and soothing Face Salt Bar, Sensitive contains Finnish oats and honey. Weight n.70g

  • Suitable for sensitive & atopic skin. Unscented.
  • Contains moisturizing honey and mildly cleansing oat milk
  • All products are handmade in Finland.
Sensitive Face Soap contains very mild ingredients to prevent skin irritation and dryness. Oatmilk softens the skin and relieves irritation and redness. Thanks to the oily skin soothing, the face soap is very suitable for very dry, irritated or itchy skin.
Minerals in the sea salt (including magnesium and potassium) cause osmotic pressure. This pressure forces water and skin nutrients to rise from the lower skin layers to the surface of the skin. Your skin remains moisturised and smooth.
For the best and most gentle cleansing effect, use the included Taputapu washcloth. The durable washcloth has two sides: a heavier terry coat (bamboo cotton blend) and a soft flannel side (thick recycled cotton). It is also ideal for make-up removal.
Instructions for use: Wet your face and the washcloth thoroughly with warm water. Use the washcloth to apply soap to your skin with a gentle swirling motion. Watch out for your eyes. Rinse with warm water. After use, you can wash the washcloth with your face soap and leave it to dry on top of your soap.
Salt soap bar is easy to take with you and even to the gym. It dries quickly and does not easily get watered down. Due to its natural alkalinity, it effectively eliminates bacteria from its surface.
All products hand made in a small cosmetics studio in Sipoo, Finland.
Ingredients: Sea salt, coconut oil (organic, cold-pressed & food grade), water, rapeseed oil (domestic & food grade), tallow (organic, domestic & food grade), castor oil, oat barley (domestic & food grade) & honey (domestic & food grade)
Sodium Chloride, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Sodium Rapeseedate, Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Castorate, Avena Sativa Kernel Meal, Mel