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Nurturing Oil Calendula & Oat 5 ml


A small 5 ml tester with which you can test the feel and suitability of the product for your own skin.

Multi-purpose and fragrance-free nurturing oil for the whole body. Protects soothes and softens the skin. It does not contain preservatives, perfumes or essential oils, so it is also great for sensitive skin, atopics, allergies and children and babies.

What is the Nurturing Oil used for?

-Skin cleansing for all ages.

-For moisturizing the skin

-Makeup removal

-For bath water for small babies


What does the treatment oil contain and what are the benefits of it in skin care?

Calendula is an old folk medicine herb and its numerous plant compounds are beneficial for the well-being of the skin. Calendula extract can be used to treat a wide range of skin problems such as eczema, acne and atopy. The active ingredients are saponins, salicylic acid, carotenoids and natural essential oils. Calendula is also very antioxidant-rich. Calendula is well tolerated and therefore a popular and safe plant even for small 0-3yrs. for children. Flowers are grown organically without pesticides in Kolme Cosmetics ’own garden.

Oat oil
Finnish cold pressed oat oil is an ideal moisturizer and softener for sensitive skin, reducing inflammation and redness. Oat oil contains e.g. vitamin E and beta-glucan, which help to regenerate, moisturize, protect and soothe the skin. Oat oil stimulates skin metabolism by increasing the production of elastane and collagen.

Safflower Oil
Thanks to this oil, the Nurturing oil is light and is quickly absorbed into the skin, giving a soft feeling. Calendula is extracted into safflower oil and serves as the base for the treatment oil. The vitamin E in thistle oil helps the skin to form new cells to replace the dead and helps the skin maintain its moisture balance.

Vitamin E keeps the Nurturing oil fresh and prevents oxidation. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant-rich skin’s own “protective wall” caregiver.


Ingredients: Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil, Avena Sativa Kernel Oil, Calendula Officinalis, Tocopherol