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Two useful Products for Transporting and Storing your Soap- and Shampoo Bar

Posted by Hanna Savioja on
Palashampoon ja palasaippuan kuljetus ja säilytys. Hanki nämä!


I have heard the most imaginative ways of transporting shampoo- and soap bars. Everything from candy boxes to baby burp cloth’s to minigrip bags. Two problems that frequently seem to recur are: the soap bar gets wet and messy.

Soap bars and shampoo bars
are very hygienic and long lasting provided that they get to dry out between uses. The soap dish and transportation case should be airy and such that the water does not stay in touch with the soap. When the shampoo bar dries between uses it also lasts much longer.

How to Transport a Shampoo- or Soap Bar?


Many soap cases for sale are often clumsy plastic cases that take up a lot of space. For backpackers, sports enthusiasts and light travellers, this may not be the best solution.

Kolme Cosmetics Travel Soap Case is light, made of fabric and takes up just as much space as the soap bar inside of it. The case is sized for one full-size of soap- or shampoo bar, but can fit up to three pieces once they are slightly worn. Best of all: the soap can be placed wet in the case and it will dry there! Thanks to the microscopic holes in the technical fabric, humidity can evaporate through the fabric and soap residue and water will not mess up the contents of your bag.


  • The case is light and fits in a small space
  • The soap bar does not stay wet and therefore lasts longer.
  • The loop allows you to hang the soap case to dry even in the bathroom.
  • Hand made and sewn in Finland by Väylä ry. Väylä ry is a non-profit organisation, which aim is that every person with a disability will receive a reasonable salary for the work they do.
  • No breakable plastic- or metal parts. The soap bar is popped into the case through a convenient slit.
  • The technical fabric is of high quality and durable and is available in three different colors: black, army green and nude.



How to Store a Soap Bar at Home?

Soap bars can nowadays be found in almost every bathroom, but how do you store it the correct way? Old sinks with a small basin are designed for soap bars, but modern bathroom furniture is a headache for many in terms of storing soap bars.


A soap dish from a Luffa sponge is a 100% natural product and its dense mycelial structure retains soap spill and allows the piece of soap to dry quickly and airily.

Luffa soap dish can be washed when it has absorbed a lot of soap. Once the loofah sponge has reached the end of its lifespan it can be disposed in the bio waste.

A positive feature of the Luffa Soap Dish is that it does not rattle, slip or break if dropped on the bathroom tile floor. Due to its unbreakability, the Luffa Soap Dish is also excellent for families with children. The soap dish made from a natural material also stays neatly in place and keeps the bathroom clean.

Tip: Use the soap residue in the luffa to wash up the sink before washing the luffa soap dish.


The hard Luffa we use stays sturdy, holds its shape well and is therefore also excellent as a soap dish. The natural luffa has not been treated with strong chemicals. There are also softer luffa sponges intended as washing sponges. Luffa sponges intended for skin washing get much softer than the ones intended as soap dishes.


Mini Loofah Soap Dish is a perfect match with Facial Soap Bars. In the picture: Face Salt Bar AC Detox, deep cleansing.

Let’s make the world a better place piece by piece!

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