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​Dry Products Will Change the Way we Cleanse our Skin

Posted by Hanna Savioja on
Kuivatuotteet tulevat muuttamaan tavan, jolla puhdistamme ihomme.

Cleansing Milk Powder may at first sound strange, but is actually very easy to use: just add water! Cleansing milk powder is mixed with a small amount of water and used as regular cleansing milk. The skin stays smooth and silky without feeling tight.

 Cleansing Milk in Dry Form is Capable of Being Modified

It being waterless opens up many possibilities to make your cleansing milk exactly the way your skin needs at that moment. If your skin is irritated, you can make a mild, caring milk and for instance add a drop of oil. The cleansing milk powder is also easily transformed into various masks or peels and you can boost the powder with many natural- and even kitchen ingredients. By adding honey and unflavoured natural yogurt you get a wonderful soothing and renewing lactic bacteria mask, a few drops of apple cider vinegar treats and eliminates various inflammations. The options are endless.

Oat Silk or Zeolite? There are Two Kinds of Cleansing Milk Powders:

    Gentle, non-foaming and protecting the skin from drying. Toxfree Cleansing Milk Powder, Oat Silk is suitable for everyday cleansing of the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, also for sensitive, dry and atopic skin. The skin feels soft and silky after cleansing. The beta-glucan in oat brings a low viscosity to the cleansing milk and natural saponins gently cleanse the skin. Premium quality white kaolin clay gently peels dead skin cells and is the most gentle of natural clays. Organic potato starch brightens the skin with the help of the catalase enzyme.
    For normal and mixed skin. Toxfree Deep Cleansing Milk, Zeolite is a real detox powder and reduces skin pores efficiently. The negative charge of the zeolite attracts excess sebum, impurities, air pollutants and asphalt dust from the skin. Tee tree oil is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and is therefore especially suitable for skin battling with impurities. Zeolite Cleansing Milk Powder shows its effectiveness especially as a deep cleansing detox mask.
  • It also contains tee tree oil which is known to be effective in eliminating blackheads and spots.

We recommend to remove all make up, especially eye make up, before using a cleansing milk powder. A good natural way of doing so is to remove make up as an oil cleansing (good skin cleansing oils are also found in the grocery store such as cold pressed coconut- and hemp oil. You can also use other oil intended for removal of make up). 

What is the Cleansing Effect Based on Without Synthetic Surfactants

Oat, as many other plants in nature, roots, flowers and even some animals such as sea cucumbers can produce saponins. Saponins are natural surfactants i.e. cleansing ingredients. They do not foam as spectacularly as soap or other detergents but they still have the ability to bind fat and remove dirt when mixed with water. In comparison to those, the saponins of oats are are mild and more gentle for the skin. Zeolite Cleansing Milk Power also contain oat silk, but the main ingredient zeolite, works in a slightly different way. Zeolite is an ancient volcanic mineral, that has a strong negative charge. This negative charge attracts impurities, pollution, heavy metals and excess grease on the skin. Because of these properties zeolite is also effective in shrinking skin pores and eliminating black heads. A deep cleansing and impurities eliminating detox mask works best when the skin has already been cleansed and the pores opened with warm water, water steam or for instance in the sauna.

Easy to Store and to Bring With You

One of, or maybe even the best thing with cleansing milk powder is that it is completely without water. The product can be brought with you even on the airplane. On the road or at the gym the powder is easy to take with you and you do not need to carry unnecessary water. The Cleansing Milk comes in a concentrated form and is always fresh. Dry products also lasts longer and there is no need t worry about the best before date.

Always fresh and True to Nature

Because it contains no water cleansing milk powder is always fresh and no preservatives are needed. Preservatives are useful in many products to eliminate bacterial growth, but in addition to harmful bacteria, preservatives may interfere with the skin’s own beneficial lactic acid bacteria. A dry product does not need preservatives. Natural ingredients are exactly the way they are at their best and all nutrients are fresh and ready to care for your skin.

See how cleansing milk powder is used: 

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